Mobile Medico

Training is very important to prepare a child for:

-     hearing screening test
-     mobile phone calibration.

Some children  - especially those living in big cities – may not be familiar with the animals in the picture cards and the sounds they

The aim of this training is to make sure that the child can correctly recognize these animals and their voices
in a repetitive manner.
During training, sounds are played much louder than during the test and the child has to point to the correct picture. Each sound can
be presented many times without limit to achieve positive training results.

Training may be carried out for an individual child or for a group of children,
which significantly reduces training time needed per child.

Individual training - the picture cards are placed on the table in front of the child and after the sound presentation, the child should
point to the correct picture. You can help the child to do this properly.

Group training - the output of the mobile phone is connected to the amplifier and speaker.

Below is an example of group training used in the Philippines.

The children are asked to say the name of each animal after the sound is

They like to compete with each other and this improves efficiency of the

After each sound presentation and children response, the correct picture of
the animal is shown to the children.

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