Mobile Medico

Please record this User Id number for the future use.

Manual selection of 3 testing sounds unlimited times to the Left or Right ear. Manual
recording of the test results with possibility to enter them to PC.

To make child familiar with the animals and correctly correlate their voices with the

For future tests - evaluating and setting for each sound , a minimal volume level
sufficient for a normal hearing child to correctly correlate the animal’s pictures with their

During this test you can select one of 3 testing sounds and
present it to the
Left or Right ear minimum 3 times.
( use the same distance as it was used in Calibration )

The test results can be recorded manually using the RECORD
If there is a need to transfer the test results to the PC
than you have to enter them manually.

To calibrate your mobile phone you need to enter your USER Id Number
displayed on first / splash screen.  

If you want to change calibration in future you will also need to use this


Before you start Calibration make sure that the child is familiar with the animals pictures
and voices. If not go to
Training first.

Calibration allows to find out and set for the future testing, the minimal volume level for
each testing sound, being just sufficient for the child with recently proven normal
hearing ( free of cold, infection, wax build up etc. ) to correctly recognize each sound
and correlate it with the animal picture in a repetitive manner.

Please select OK button do display
Volume level can be controlled using the buttons
<- or ->.
The scale position is numbered.

Play these voices from the distance of about 30 cm at the child’s ear level from the
mobile phone and use about the some distance later during the hearing test.

This is not very critical during the test, because even 50% change in this distance will
reduce or increase the volume of the sound by only about  6dB.

After calibration is done
for all 3 sounds select option, select Save Calibration and
you can return to the
Main Menu.

Calibration will be saved , even if the mobile phone is later turned “off “ and switched
“on” again.

It is advisable to keep a separate record of the calibration numbers for each sound.

Training can be needed for Calibration and Testing to make sure that the child can
recognize the animal pictures and their voices.

Some children - especially living in the big cities - may be not familiar with the animal
pictures and their voices.

During training sounds are played much louder, than during the test.
Train the child to correlate these sounds with the animal pictures
correctly and in
repetitive manner.

You can play these sounds many times for all 3 animals to achieve positive
training results.