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Does your child have a hearing problem that may interfere with
his/her speech/language development and education?

•   2 in 1000 newborn babies ( 0.2% ) have a hearing problem
•   2 or more in 10 children ( 20% ) – depending upon the country
considered – have a hearing problem in primary school. (
100 times more !!!)
Early detection and correction of hearing problem is very important for the child.

The hearing screening is designed as a simple
Hearing Game to play with the child. During this game you can
observe the child’s reaction to 3 animal sound/voices: a cow, rooster and birds, calibrated in frequency range and

The child should be able to recognize – in repetitive manner – the particular animal or birds when sound is presented from the
mobile phone at calibrated volume level and point to the correct picture.

The testing sounds cover the frequency range important for normal speech and language development.

Child’s training – described in
PREPARATION section – may be needed prior to the testing.
The testing sounds of this
Hearing Game also can be used to observe the young babies ( 6 months and older )
reaction to the sound.

The testing sounds can be delivered to the child from the mb. phone speaker  -
Java mb. phones
and/or Insert Earphones – Android mb. phones.

Using the Insert Earphones has a great advantage in noisy places, because they attenuate the external noise. Additionally the
special noise attenuating Headset can be placed over these earphones.

The testing sounds intensity can be separately calibrated for the speaker and each (L or R) earphone using the calibration program.

For Java and Android mb. phones the test results can be recorded manually on the provided Record Form  and/or copied to the
PC using the keyboard.

Now you can use your mobile phone to check your child’s hearing regularly even at home or kindergarten,
many times as the child grows older.

Please read carefully
INTRODUCTION section before you decide to use the Hearing Game.

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Mobilemedico does not accept any responsibility for the misuse of or incorrect interpretation of the Hearing Game played with the mobile phone,
incorrect mobile phone calibration done by the user lack of Child's cooperation and hygienic conditions of the earphones.

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    - for large groups of children - Kindergartens, Child's Centres
    - test results automatically transferred to the Data Base