Mobile Medico

1.    Find a quiet room and make sure that there is no distracting noise from TV, Radio, Stereo, Street Noise etc.  in the room.
  Close the windows and doors if necessary. Make sure that any other person present in the room will not interfere with
   the Hearing Game.      
2.    Sit the child comfortably close to the table with the animal pictures placed in front of him/her.
3.    Before you start this game make sure your child can recognize the sound of the animal and properly correlate this
   with the picture of the animal.
   If not, you can present the sound of each animal close to the child’s ear and teach the child to recognize them
   correctly by pointing to the animal picture. Please go to Training in Preparation section.
4.    Make sure that child understand the game. Explain to the child :
   •  listen carefully
   •  when you hear the sound point to the picture or say the name ( cow, rooster or birds )      
5.    Present the sounds from the mb. phone at the recommended distance ( used in calibration procedure ) from
   the child’s ear holding it in line with the child’s ear when using a speaker or present the sounds through the selected earphone.
   It is recommended that the opposite ear is firmly cover with the palm of a hand so only one ear is tested at any
  given time if you use a speaker.      
6.    Make sure that the child points to the animal picture
after  but not before the sound presentation.     
7.    When the child points to a picture, mark
(√) for correct response and (x) for incorrect response on the Record Form
    immediately. It is very easy to make mistakes or forget the child’s response if you postpone the recording of this information
   to a later time.
8.    If the child points to the incorrect picture, move on to the different sound.
  Do not attempt to correct the child and do not let the child continue to guess as this is not a guessing game.
 Mark this as an incorrect response and continue with next sound presentation. Praise correct responses, but
  do not criticize incorrect responses as this may discourage the child.
9.    Reward the child at the end of the game to encourage the child to play this game again.
10.  If the child is losing interest during the game, stop the test and do not continue. Test can be continued at another
   time on the same or another day when the child is more cooperative and responsive.  
11.  It is not important which ear is tested first, nor in which order the sounds are presented, as long as the test is
   completed and responses are obtained, but it is very important to reduce possibility of guessing.
   This may be done by:
    •   occasionally rearranging  the picture placement on the table
    •   presenting sounds in random ( changing ) order
   •   changing  presentation from one ear to the other

Older children, can tell the animal name as long as no guessing is involved.


A child with normal hearing should be able to hear and recognize all sounds presented. He/she must get at least 2
correct out of 3 responses  for each sound and for each ear.


If the child, after successful training, fails to recognize even one type of sound for the left or right ear at the correct distance,
it is strongly recommended that medical advice be obtained.

The aim of the Hearing Game with the mb. phone is to alert and identify areas of concern, not to diagnose in detail the cause
of the problem.   

Mobilemedico does not accept any responsibility for the misuse of or incorrect interpretation of the Hearing Game played with the mobile phone,
incorrect mobile phone calibration done by the user lack of Child's cooperation and hygienic conditions of the earphones. All rights reserved.