Mobile Medico
Training may be needed for Calibration and Testing to make sure that the
child can
recognize the animal pictures and their voices.

Some children - especially living in the big cities - may not be familiar with the
pictures and their voices.

During training sounds are
played much louder than during the test.
Train the child to correlate these sounds with the animal pictures
correctly and
in repetitive manner.
You can use Speaker,
L or R Earphones, but the easier way is to use Speaker
and move the from side to side and even bring it closer to the ear if

You can play these sounds many times for all 3 animals to achieve
positive training results.

During the Training you can select and play the animal voices unlimited times.
After you finish training select
Back ( top right corner above the cow picture )
to go back to the

Touch the long white strip to display keyboard with letters. Type the correct
of the User Id. Select the numbers’ icon in the left bottom corner to
display keyboard with the numbers. Type the
correct numbers of the User Id
and select
The pictures of 3 animals and calibration scale will appear on the screen.

Note: it will not be possible to make a new or correct existing Calibration, if the User Id is
incorrectly entered. This is to protect the Calibration status against the unauthorized
persons - especially children.

Choose which sound source ( Speaker, L Earphone or R earphone ) you want
to calibrate. Select
Next and a table with the request to provide the User Id
will appear on the screen.
Before you start Calibration make sure that the child is familiar with the animal
pictures and voices. If not go to
Training first.

Calibration establishes the settings for future testing, based on the minimal
volume for each testing sound, being just sufficient for the child with recently
proven normal hearing ( free of cold, infection, wax build up etc. ) to correctly
recognize each sound and correlate it with the animal picture
in a repetitive

Volume level can be controlled using the buttons
- , +   or slider on the scale.    
The scale position is numbered.

If you use
Earphones each earphone has to be calibrated separately.
If you use
Speaker play these voices from the distance of about 30 cm at the
child’s ear level from the mb. phone and use about the some distance later
during the hearing tests.
This is not very critical during the test, because even 50% change in this
distance will reduce or increase the volume of the sound by only about 6dB.

After calibration is done
for all 3 sounds select Back  ( top right corner above
the cow picture ) and you will return to the Calibration
Menu to choose
another Earphone or Speaker.
When finished Calibration procedure select
Back to Menu.

Calibration will be saved, even if the mobile phone is later turned “off “ and
switched “on” again.
is advisable to keep a separate record of the calibration numbers for each
source of sound
( Speaker,
L and R Earphones ) and each type of the testing sounds.

( Please read