If the TABLET was calibrated, select TEST from the Main Page and a new screen will appear:

Please enter the Child name, Age, Group Number, Child Number, Security Code, Gender and
and click
PLAY. Now a new screen will appear with the Left Ear marked at the top.

Plug the calibrated earphones into the child’s ears, place the TABLET in front of the child and ask him/her to click PLAY.   The
Tablet will produce the testing sound – voice of the animal/birds and the child has to touch on it’s picture. If the response is
correct the picture of this animal/birds will appear in the right top corner. If the response in incorrect a large
X sign will appear
in this corner. The results are recorded in 3 rows – top for the cow, middle for the rooster, bottom for the bird and the time of
the child’s reaction is also measured.

The testing sounds are presented 3 times in a random order automatically after selecting PLAY. After completing all 9 sounds
presentations a new screen will appear to test the
Right ear.
After completing all 9 sounds presentations a new screen will appear with the test results.

If you didn't enter the Security Code you can still do the hearing tests. In this case you can also transfer the tests results to the
Data Base manually using the PC and the procedure described in the Java section. Please record the test results manually for
your PC or your own records, before you start another test. Starting another test will automatically erase results of the last test
if Security Code was not provided.