Calibration is based on so called   “biological calibration” using the Child with recently proven normal hearing ( free of cold,
infection, wax build up etc.).
You will need a quiet room without interference from other people, TV, Radio etc.
To calibrate your TABLET or change calibration later you need to enter last two digits of your UserId number.

( Child should be familiar with the animal pictures of animals and sounds they make – if not please teach the Child using the
TRAINING procedure ).

Plug the earphone into the Child’s ear and play the animal/birds voices adjusting their loudness. Child should not see the
Tablet’s screen during volume adjustments done by you and should verbally call the name of each animal/bird or point to
the picture.

You can print the picture cards from
PRINTS section of the , place them on the table in front of
the child and ask to point to the correct picture.
During calibration you can find the minimal volume level for each testing sound, being just loud enough for the child to
correctly recognize the sound and correlate it with the correct animal picture in a
repetitive manner.
Left or Right earphone can be calibrated seperately as it is shown on the next picture.
During calibration the volume level can be controlled using or + buttons or you can slide the scale pointer.
The scale position is numbered. This calibration should be done for all 3 testing sounds which you can select by sliding the
picture up or down and for each earphone.
Returning to the Main Page ( <--/ ) will automatically save the calibrated levels for the future testing even if later the
was turned “off” or “on” again.